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Faireth RP Profile

Post by Faireth on Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:57 pm

IGN: Leingot

Character Name: Faireth Leingot

Alias/Nickname: Fairy

Race: Other - Satyr Milletian

Age/Date of Birth: Roughly 19, Birthday unknown.

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 114 lbs

Hair Color/Style: Thick, earthy grey hair, usually tied into a single thick braid for the sake of convenience. Sometimes let down. Straight when nothing's done to it.

Eyes: Lavender. Also: goat eyes.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Faireth has a smiley face birthmark on the small of her back. Don't judge her, okay?

Physical Appearance: Faireth looks small and thin, having a pale, freckled complexion and petite frame. However, despite her size, she looks incredibly sturdy due to, well, being a satyr. Poking out from her hair is two small, nublike horns, and on either side of her head are long, flopping ears. Her hair, an earthy grey, is falls to about the middle of her back. To keep it out of her face, she frequently ties it into a single thick braid. This same grey sets in at about her lower forearms down through her hands, and her entire lower body, beginning at her hips. Her hands are thick, having less digits and her fingertips darkened, resembling hooves. They're functional, though. She has wide hips, that narrow and then angle sharply at the knee, narrowing out into cloven hooves. She tends to dress in simple, loose dresses, or other such clothing that is easy to fit her lower half into.

Combat Style: Magic and gunplay

Skills: Lightning Rod, Lightningbolt, Shockwave, Flash Launcher, Bullet Slide, Shooting Rush, Fireball, Fusion Bolt, Mana Shield, Snapcast

Professions: Freelancer. She does odd jobs to get by, and has a keen interest in money. She's interested in commerce and is contemplating picking it up.

Morality: True Neutral with good leanings would be closest, but she's hard to classify. She'll do what she will do, and will respond to different situations in different ways.

Clothing and Armor: Simple dresses or loose-fitting armors. Or nothing, but I mean. Not in public, yanno?

Weapons: A staff, and a pair of guns.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: Food, flowers, music, dancing, running, roughhousing, pretty things, attention, and people who can wax poetic. People who hate fairies.

Dislikes: Fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, fairies, pumpkin, fairies, fairies, fairies. There aren't any Fae in Erinn, so: fomors that remind her of fairies.

Positive Traits: Is not a fairy. Also a good dancer! Soft to the touch. Can beat things up good. Seriously, though: hard working, determined, strong-willed, and generally empathetic (buried under a problematic nature, though).

Flaws: Looks like a fairy. Nickname is, ironically, fairy. Hard to understand, she speaks weird. Judgmental, hotheaded, and wary. Very, very insecure.

Personality: Faireth is brash and strong willed, initially. Quick to judge others, though this is largely to hide her own insecurities about herself. She has deep-seated prejudices due to her past in regards to Fairies. However, there's no Fae in Erinn. This, unfortunately, translates almost directly to any poor fomor that she deems "fae enough." When she does take to someone, she takes rather strongly and vies for attention. She's got a strong work ethic, and her calloused palms show it. She values money and success. Though uneducated, she possesses some level of wisdom and rather enjoys pontificating to others--unfortunately, people can rarely understand "Fairethspeak."

History: Faireth is a changeling--someone whisked away by the Fair Folk, or Fae, and replaced with a copy, a "fetch." She was taken at 8, led astray by promises of strong magic. Every taken child (or adult for that matter) is given a "durance," a job that they are forced to do. Hers was entertainment, made to dance to the point of exhaustion and then some, every clear night. The Fae are mercurial, flippant creatures, and took great pride in their cruelty to their charges. Through the use of contracts and rules, reality itself was bent accordingly. Over time, changelings became less human. They were shaped to their roles, mind and body, until one day they forgot everything about their former selves--even their name. Being an entertainer, Faireth was made into a fitting form resembling that of a satyr. Satyrs, after all, are well known for their love of dancing and drinking.

She escaped by sheer luck, running through the brambles of the Hedge (magical shrubbery that separates Faerie, the realm, from the rest of the world) and back into her village. Unfortunately, she was seen as a fae herself, and her fetch was all too happy to feign ignorance. so, she lived on her own for much of her life until dying from a hunting party at the age of 19.

And, well, after that, she found herself here! Life in Erinn has been...difficult, to say the least, with her prejudices. And her archaic way of speaking. And her lack of any education. On top of that, there's her odd behavior. She follows a strict set of "rules," and "oaths," and one rule or oath can only be undone with another well-crafted one to take it's place, unless there's a specific duration set upon said rule or oath. She quickly found a pair of travelling companions, however, which is made life a fair bit more manageable.


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