Darkneros the lost mage character profile

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Darkneros the lost mage character profile

Post by firerobe on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:11 pm

Character Name: Darkneros (sounds like dark near oh ssss

Alias/Nickname: Dark

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth: he will tell you 24

Apparent Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 190

Hair Color/Style: dark blue black

Eyes: violet

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: 7 brands along his back in the shape of swirling lines connecting to each other and burns along the left leg

Physical Appearance: average size when wearing the robe but underneath is muscled from long years of fighting

Combat Style: tactical and fearless can be rash when someone he considers a friend is in danger

Skills: dual wield mastery smash counter windmill assault slash

Professions: was once training to be a paladin but is now a wanderer

Special item: a two handed black sword with magical markings all over it and an amulet with a picture of Malor and a date marking the day he left in disgrace

Clothing and Armor: only wears a black robe until he is will people he can call friends then he will take off the robe and wear a full set of armor always making sure that no skin shows but very rarly he will take
the armor off
Weapons: dual wielded swords or a two handed sword

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: soft music taking care of his ally's

Dislikes: people who break their word

Positive Traits: earn his loyalty he will remain loyal

Flaws: he can be overly loyal to the wrong people has a habit of not speaking to new people very much until he gets to know them

Personality: silent in the beginning until you earn his loyalty he will eventually warm to you and tell you about his past becoming more talkative and friendly when friendship is achieved

History: he was born as a mage in tir chonaill under the name of Kiruma his childhood was uneventful until he one day meet a fomor Mirasolra and fell madly in love with her they had many good years together they built a home and were happy together until everything feel to pieces as the war between formor and human broke out and the villages turned against them destroying their home and forcing them away eventually Mirasolra became bitter at the treatment from the humans that had once called her friend and sought revenge killing many in the town until Kiruma was forced to stop her killing her as the village burned around him he left in the night carrying her body into sidhe seancha and there in the mountains he laid her in a grave he had dug himself he left that day tears frozen to his face blaming the gods for his lose he set out to find a way to kill the very creators of this world he traveled to many places through out erinn and in time his pain faded but he never gave up his search as he was traveling by the raspa volcano when he heard a screech as a phoenix falls beside him shocked he looked around and saw that it was being attacked by wyverns he defeats them and treats the phoenix with spells and from then on it was changed it could transform into a hawk as well as speak from then on they were friends Kiruma's only friend they traveled together that is when Nemhain summoned ifrit Kiruma was there and watched as the elves and giants fighting and dying bravely after being in such bloody conflict for years before he knew he could no longer just watch the deaths knowing he must die to help them he sealed himself to this earth with brands so that he may continue his work in the next life so he found the most magically gifted at the time and trapped ifrit beneath the sands and ending his life to make the seal that would keep ifrit trapped below the once beautiful forest he was reborn in that instant but what Kiruma did not plan on is that as Nemhain's revenge for interfering is that his memory and part of his soul would be traped in tir na nog until his eternal like was over he was reborn as a giant named Herg and he grew to be a warrior like his father he had a bright future with krugs army until the white dragon attacked and he charged into battle beside Alty the famous dragon slayer and as the battle raged he was grazed by the dragons fire leaving him wounded he stood back up raised his sword and charged once more into the fray the battle raged on until the dragon left and he lay dying in the snow after which he was reborn again to unkown parents in tir na nog where he lived for 7 years until he found his way out through a dungeon and found himself in emain mache with no memory dragging only a long black magical sword he was taken in and raised by a well known human blacksmith and swordsman named Malor who named him Darkneros he was a loving but stern father it was there where he learned how to wield his blade he eventually started training to be a paliden where he was educated and learned the was of nobility, virtue, and honor but as he was training his squad leader lead his team into a dungeon the mission went smoothly until the reached the end where a hooded fomor it said to Darkneros you don't remember me do you if you have the stomach for it come kill me I wont stop you frozen in fear darkneros couldn't move as his teammates died around him the hooded fomor said as he walked away laughing come back if you remember Ill be here waiting ashamed for his cowardice he could no longer return to emain mache so he left solemn and heartbroken for iria to die in battle to atone for his weakness he fought everything that came close to him throwing himself desperately into battle until he came upon an elf patrol he challenged them to a battle to the death and killed each one by one what he did not know is that he had killed the a son of an important general in the elven military who hunted darkneros into karu dungeon where because of the battle between the battle of the demi gods Cejy and Lyseru the seals on his memories loosen and Kiruma was released long enough to defeat most of the elves and seal himself up inside the end of the dungeon to save keep his newer life safe from the watching eyes of the elves who after which thought he was dead a year past and a group of adventures freed Darkneros......

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