Arak Mendalin (Ronnilis) Serious Roleplay Character Profile

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Arak Mendalin (Ronnilis) Serious Roleplay Character Profile

Post by Ronnilis on Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:49 pm

Character Name: Arak Mendalin

Alias/Nickname: Ar, AM

Race: Human, Danaan.

Age/Date of Birth: 17 and Date of Birth is 06/17/1523.

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 172 Pounds.

Hair Color/Style: Straight curved black hair. Also, it is moderate in length and reveals his bustling youth.

Eyes:  Amber-like eyes. Resembles more closely the color brown.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: He has a tattoo on his neck revealing his devotion to the Gods of Erinn.

Physical Appearance: Arak is moderately built with muscles due to his young age. However, his childhood was spent studying the arcane arts, so he looks fairly skinny compared to his peers.

Combat Style: Magic. However, his lack of expertise and young age makes him lacking combat strategy.

Secondary Combat Style: Dual Gun. He’s a bit more skilled with this style of combat since its more straight-forward than Magic.

Professions: Arak makes a living through aiding the citizens of Emain under the Church.

Alignment/Faction: Arak aligns himself with Emain Macha. His faction is the Church. He works under the Church and aspires to be a scholar when he becomes adept in magic.

Morality: Lawful neutral. Arak obeys all laws of Emain and the Church, but his own moral opinion is a bit muddled due to previous events involving the Church.

Special item: A medallion given by his mentor. The medallion possesses unknown magical properties.

Clothing and Armor: He wears common magic wear alternating between his Church and Training clothes. Most of it looks quite normal with blue or brown colors.

Weapons: Arak uses a basic staff he received from the League of Scholars. However, his weapon of choice involves the use of Dual Guns. He is a bit new to combat as originally he worked only for the Church Faction.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes:  Arak enjoys culinary treats, magic, the gods, his hometown, and cats.

Dislikes: Arak dislikes betrayal, horses (scared to ride any horses), bacon dishes, the Assassin’s enclave, and disturbing music.

Positive Traits: Helpful, empathetic, Gall (Sociable), Natural Linguist, Green thumb (Used to planting/collecting herbs for Church).

Flaws: Naïve (easily persuaded), indifferent confidence (unsure of himself), Bound (Bound to the Church), Allergic (Is allergic to gold herbs), Weirdness (some spells mess up the situation).

Personality: He dislikes betrayal due to losing his father to the Church Faction for disrespecting [his father’s] advice. He is afraid of horses due to unpleasant experiences. Dislikes bacon dishes, since he made a bacon sundae one day and found himself vomiting for days after consumption. Dislikes disturbing music due to the Church allowing anyone to sing. Lastly, dislikes the Assassin’s enclave because of their extreme methods of torture and execution.

He likes culinary treats due to his mother making him several great dishes. He likes the existence of Magic from his Mentor along with learning new spells. He likes the Gods and his hometown due to how he was raised by his family for the Church faction. He likes cats, because Emain is home to many homeless cats which at a young age Arak helped many cats find new owners.

He received the traits of helpful/empathetic from the Church’s early influence. He became a natural linguist due to magical/church training along with a green thumb through his mother’s hobbies. He is also quite sociable as his curiosity encourages him to meet others.

He is naïve in the sense that he must follow everything word for word. However, this causes him to have an indifferent confidence as he is unable to be sure of things without prior knowledge. Since he is fairly new to magic, only three years of training his spells can go horribly wrong or weird. He also found out he was allergic to gold herbs through his mother’s hobby. Lastly, he is bound to the church as even though his father was disowned the church accepts Arak as a releasing of his father’s misdeemed actions. However, Arak truly wants to join the League of Scholars and abandon the church.

History: As a child, Arak led a fortunate life. His father was one of the Priest’s for Emain Macha and his mother an advocator for herbalism. Their jobs allowed Arak to attain an education from the Church along with obtaining skills relating to herbalism/cooking.

When he reached the age of 14 he began to work in his father’s work: The Church. During that time, he questioned many principles of the church such as bribery and judgment. Although his father knew about these troubles, he explained to Arak to ignore the flaws of The Church and to focus on one’s own self. But Arak was curious and continued to pester the Church’s flaws.

Arak found that several magic users were entering the Church quite frequently and he found himself in a situation. A magic user had caught Arak snooping around. Arak explained himself in that he was only curious about what the Church really does for Emain. As a result, the Magic User that caught him decided Arak would be his apprentice along with teaching Arak better manners.

Arak reached the age of 17 with adept skills in magic and dual guns. However, his father grew angry with Arak’s interest in magical properties rather than his interest in the church. As a result, he attacked the Church about their acceptance of Magic Users. Not realizing that he had angered the League of Scholars sub-branch of Emain. As a result, the Church banished the service of Arak’s father.

When Arak realized his father had been disowned from the faction, he decided to work harder for the church. This time to figure out the Church’s connections along with receiving the teachings of Magic Users. Now, Arak wants to travel Erinn to understand the roles of the Church and the League of Scholars. Currently, his father works at an Emain Bakery with his mother developing potions.

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