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Emiliya RP Profile - Casual

Post by Emiliya on Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:37 pm

Character Name: Emiliya

Alias/Nickname: Emmy

Race: Other- Faun Milletian

Age/Date of Birth: Unknown, unknown. Appears about twenty.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6" (Most of her height is leg.)

Weight:  120 lbs

Hair Color/Style: Emiliya has wavy blonde hair tied back into a loose ponytail. On some occasions, she will braid it.

Eyes: Pale Green

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: None..? Unless white freckles down her back counts.

Physical Appearance: Emiliya is a tall faun, if only by her long legs ending in hooves. They are, besides her antlers, her most obvious features. She has unnaturally smooth pearly skin and pale green eyes in an empty stare due to her daytime blindness. Her hair flows in golden waves over her shoulders, usually tied back into a loose ponytail behind her.That same golden blonde runs over her legs starting from her thighs to her feet, and covers a small tail and rounded doe ears. There is a small line of fur running from the nape of her neck down to the base of her tail, and odd white spots dot her fur and skin along her back in the most strange form of freckles. Emmy's body is generally slender and petite except for her wide hips and thick thighs, her legs strong for the purpose of running.

Combat Style: Magic

Secondary Combat Style: Alchemy, will pick up IC soon

Morality: Chaotic Good. She's tactless and will occasionally be opportunistic, if she can turn a good deed for another into something that benefits her in return.

Special item: She has antlers on her head with pale pink and white flowers tangled in. And hooves. That's kind of a thing.

Clothing and Armor: She prefers no clothing but she knows enough about human culture and civilization to know that she must, so what clothes she does wear are usually in green. IC, this is usually the 7th anniversary china dress, but surely her limited wardrobe will expand.

Weapons: Wand, cylinder, guard cylinder. She usually carries around just the wand, unless the situation calls for her to have her cylinders.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes:  Poisonous plants and herbs, the color green, bitter teas, vegetables.

Dislikes: Sweets, meats, cheeses, red, wolves, werewolves, canines, carnivores.

Positive Traits: Emmy is generally very well intentioned, and for a faun that grew up in a cursed forest she sure picked up on common well enough. She's intelligent in that she picks things up quickly, and learns about her surroundings fast enough.

Flaws:  Emiliya has little to no tact whatsoever, and finds herself confused by many man-made things in Erinn, as well as some words she's never even heard before. She also has a short temper and if anyone insists that she is a cruel, malicious fae, she will snap at them.  

Personality: Emiliya is a very quiet young woman. Where as she used to not speak at all, she speaks in a soft and whispery tone no matter what, unless she raises her voice. She enjoys simple things-- and finds herself surprised to find enjoyment, or experience complex emotions beyond basic survival instincts. With suddenly acquiring enough of a soul to merit her arrival in Erinn, she has plenty of new emotions to deal with that will further shape her personality. At the basics, though, Emiliya is a practical girl. She doesn't beat around the bush and jumps right into the topic, unless she knows for sure that it will cause someone discomfort. Even then, it has to be someone she relatively tolerates. She does have a bit of a flowery way of speaking, formal and on occasion fanciful from what she had learned growing up. She accidentally waxes poetic now and then, and is oblivious to things like flirting and attraction. At least, so far.

History: Emiliya is a Milletian, so she comes from another world. This one world in particular is not much unlike our Earth, and all she remembers of it is much like ye olde dark ages eastern European village. The small village would be called Valendal to those who lived there, and there would be nothing much of note there were it not for a cursed forest right outside and a witch living between both the forest and the village.

The residents of the Cursed Forest were hardly human. The trees were home to fae-like creatures, fauns and satyrs, and the occasional poor fool that wandered in and didn't watch his back, messed with the wrong fae, ate the wrong berry. Often those taken at by the forest either died, or simply became werewolves or other bizarre creatures. The only thing all the inhabitants of the forest had in common was the lack of a soul.

But who would know, though? Hardly anyone dared to go in without the witch's glamours to help.

The fauns, themselves, had a deal with the witch. The fauns, unlike their rowdy and sturdy satyr cousins, were much more meek and cowardly; more likely to flee than try to fight, lest they have no choice but to steal the attacker's soul through kisses-- a dangerous maneuver in and of itself.  But fauns never had that luxury of choice with werewolves and dire wolves in the forest. In fact, they barely ever got away, so the elders of the solitary fauns established a deal with the witch.  In exchange for a glamour granting them invisibility from their predators, they must bring back an offering. Those offerings would range from faun's eyeballs (for their magical properties, enhancing divination), or something as simple and harmless as gathering herbs.

The witch extended these services to the people of the village, too. In exchange for payment, food, or materials, she'd do things for them. One of these, for a specific example, was a hunter approaching the witch for a love potion. Her request was for faun's eyeballs. Needless to say, the last thing Emiliya saw was an arrow flying right for her and then excruciating pain and pitch black.

As a result of the loss of her magical eyes, and already having consumed part of a soul in the past as a means of self defense, she was pulled into Erinn blinded and confused.  Thankfully, she met two fellow Milletians that have been accompanying her since.  Through a faerie pact with one of the two, she now has eyesight during the night.


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