Elorux's Character Profile

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Elorux's Character Profile

Post by Elorux on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:12 pm

Elorux’s Mabinogi Character Sheet

Character Name: Elorux

Alias/Nickname: Elo

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth:5 Years Old, 2/6 (My In Real Life Birthday)

Apparent Age: 10

Gender: Male

Height: 2 Feets, 4 Inches

Weight: 47 LBS

Hair Color/Style: Sky Blue, Short Wolf Cut

Eyes: Precious Eyes

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Appearance: Adorable

Combat Style: Can't Describe
Skills: Meteor Strike, Snap Cast, SpellWalk, Smash, Wire Pull, Puppet’s Snare

Professions: Hunter

Special item: Grandfather’s Mask

Clothing and Armor: Bunny Parka, Hawaiian
Weapons: Hermit Staff, Lion Claw Lance, Tangerine

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: Sweets, Pets, Food

Dislikes: Blood, Ghosts, Nightmare

Positive Traits: Explorer, Careful

Flaws: Childish, Gullible, Klutz, Immature, Loner, Spineless

Personality: Lazy, Relaxed, Quiet, Clumsy
History: When Elorux was born, his Mother and Father died cause of the Fomor Diseas (Made it up), all he had left was his Grandfather, when he was 2 Years Old, his Grandfather gave him a Mask, legend saids that it can scare away the spirits. It was never seen happening. 2 more years later, his Grandfather died of a case of a Drug that makes them suicide. After the hours that the death occured, Elorux met a Druid. The Druid wanted Elorux to come, later on, the Druid only took care of him like feeding him, playing with him, etc. After a week of that, the Druid taught him a skill called Snap Cast. He had trouble learning the skill till eventually, he heard a sound that saids “Try your best, you will learn it sooner or later...” Elorux soon to become energetic and took many tries until he learned the skill, later on, he even learned Meteor Strike and SpellWalk! 6 Months later, the Fomor had declare War with the Druids. The Fomor won and all the Druids were dead, legends saids that 2 Druids had escaped named Merlin and Berched. Elorux was shocked when he heard the news. He went out and found all of them dead and blood squirts everywhere. He felt that he was in a Nightmare but it actually exist! He escaped out of the Shadow Realm, from Tara to Emain Macha. After 1 Month of Travel, he quickly needed water. He saw a body of Ocean Water but he quickly got radiated by the polution that was there. He cries of his stomach getting hurt, getting sideaches easily and even having Bathroom Problems. Fortunately, after 1 month later, he was found fainted when a Mysterious Kitty, pulled him to it’s den. The Owner of the Kitty found the Kid inside the Den and asked him how he got there. The Kitty Spranged up into action and found him fainted next to dirt and grass and near the ocean. He also didn’t how he got there. The Strange Kitty use it’s psychic powers to tell how he got there. The Kitty told that when he drank the Radiated Water, he quickly when up to the ocean and had to take a leak and barf into the ocean. After 20 mins of walking around the ocean’s Edges, he instantly fainted, diving himself into the ocean. The Man asked for his name and his name was Elorux. The Man’s name was Ronnilis, but he can call him Ron. The Cat took out the Radiation inside his body. The boy doesn’t have a home, so he lves in one of the pit areas near Zardine as the Cat teleports him there. The People ask why he have the mask on but, he prefers not to answer. Elorux examines the mask and he believes that his Grandfather possesses the mask. But as the Cat cured his Poison, he had new traits that he never had before. He also have interest on Control Bars, therefore, he learned Puppet’s Snare and Wire Pull overtime. He now prefers Laziness and exploring. But amazingly, he doesn’t have Hydrophobia. (Long heck of a History, if you read it all, Good Job )

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