Kambii RP Character Application

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Kambii RP Character Application

Post by Kambii on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:28 pm

◤Mabinogi Character Sheet◥

Character Name:



Age/Date of Birth:

❤19, Birthday is 9/22

Apparent Age:
❤I'm usually Tin-Potted or Age 10-12 in appearance.



❤115 lb

Hair Color/Style:
Dark Blue, Sometimes Dark Brown


❤None (so far)

Physical Appearance:

Combat Style
❤likes to stay far from the danger zone.

❤Ice Spear

❤I am a Merchant.

Special item:
❤She wears a band on her hand that was given to her by someone (whom she will not name) that was very dear to her.

Clothing and Armor:
❤She typically wears frilly items, lavish items, and very girly items.

❤Usually uses a staff and wand.

◤Mabinogi Character Background◥

✔Hot Springs
✔Fashion, Clothes
✔Manipulating others
✔Showing two sides to herself
✔Teasing others

✖Over Achievers
✖When she's wrong (and she knows it)
✖Being accused of
✖Not being listened to (for certain things

Positive Traits:
✔Can get through tough situations

✔Likes to use people's flaws against them
✔Likes to tease others
✔A bit of a Tsundere
✔Enjoys using a tease to flirt, or to try to get what she wants

Personality: She is a very manipulative and always uses others to her advantage. She enjoys teasing people to an extent, whether it's for love or for needs, and manipulates and twists words around. She also has two personalities, one which is fake and one which is her real self. Her fake self consists of an innocent little girl with the nicest manners possible, but once you get to know her she begins to find out your flaws, likes, dislikes, personalities, and more, and uses it to her advantage for when she attempts to manipulate and tease you. She enjoys using others for her own enjoyment. Although, she truly wants to find someone who, no matter how much she is cruel to them through manipulation and teasing, will stick with her. When she gets flustered, baffled, taken off guard, or happy, she masks it out with her Tsundere remarks but deep down she really feels what she actually is feeling (you can tell when she's using a Tsundere remark to hide an emotion.

History: Originally she was a sweet little girl, shy, innocent, and listened to her parents. Although, as she grew up her father and mother separated, and of course she followed her mom as her brother followed her dad. Soon her mother remarried and began to stop caring for her, and of course this turned her personality to a whole new level. Her step- father was a manipulative user, and would use her for his own benefits (chores, work, slave duties, etc). It was because of her step-father that she gained her awful second personality, and once she turned 18 that personality stayed intact with her. She uses her second personality as a way to hide her true personality from her mother, whom she deeply believed that one day she would remember her again, and care for her like her daughter.

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