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Moderator Application Sheet

Post by Ronnilis on Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:53 pm

I realized that I do need to delegate in order to keep the RP group running smoothly. Therefore, I've compiled both an Application Sheet and Moderator Rules for individuals that would like to Moderate the group.

Please do not post in this topic and instead make a new thread detailing your Moderator application. If you have questions about the application sheet feel free to PM me via Skype or Mabinogi.

Here are the Moderator Rules. Read them before applying.

Moderators for this RP group must adhere to these rules.

Have a decent knowledge in Roleplaying along with RP Etiquette.

Greet members when they enter the Group with a welcome whenever possible.

To support/help NEW RP members and OLD RP members if they struggle with adhering to RP etiquette and/or rules.

Answer any questions if asked about a specific rule/problem. If it’s outside your jurisdiction or knowledge, tell the individual to speak with Ronnilis or Uzukinari.

All moderators must be able to start RP if a member wants an RP session, but is too shy to start it.

Direct new members to these forums:
The first link is for a database collection and to acquire more views/popularity in the Nexon Site. The second link acts as our RP forums.

Attend our weekly meetings every Sunday at [7 PM PST to 8 PM PST] or [10 PM EST to 11 PM EST] to discuss any issues with the RP group/develop new rules/describe the weekly outcome.

Defend individuals from teasing/attacks if they tell the offender to stop. Also, reinforce positive suggestions to make sure the RP group stays drama free. If further problems arise, speak with Ronnilis or Uzukinari for a solution to be in place.

Lastly, enforce all rules if possible.

This information is subjected to change at any time. If you have any questions or believe a rule should be added please send me a message via Skype or Mabinogi.

After reading this rules copy/paste this application template to apply for Moderator.

Moderator Application Sheet:

Mabinogi Username:

Mabinogi ALT Usernames:

Skype Username (For contacting purposes):

Date of Birth (I need an AGE, if you’re under the age of 16 do not bother applying):

Active (How active are you on Skype/Mabinogi):
Languages you speak:

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Mediator for the group?:
What makes you a GOOD Moderator/Mediator:

What roleplaying experience do you have?:

Have you had previous Moderating experience?:

Lastly, do you promise to follow all Rules/RP Etiquette/Moderator Rules?

Thank you, and happy RPing.

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