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Moderator app Darkneros

Post by firerobe on Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:28 pm

Moderator Application Sheet:

Mabinogi Username: Darkneros

Mabinogi ALT Usernames:

Skype Username (For contacting purposes):Firerobe

Date of Birth (I need an AGE, if you’re under the age of 16 do not bother applying):4/14/1995

Active (How active are you on Skype/Mabinogi):I am on 24/7 my most active times are in between 4am and 12pm
Languages you speak: English

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Mediator for the group?:to assist the group in becoming a bigger and better place for all the members and players who want to join
What makes you a GOOD Moderator/Mediator:I am patient and able to manage my emotions in stressful or angering situations and good at disarming difficult situations with humor

What roleplaying experience do you have?:I have been apart of two mabi rp groups in this game I have also been apart of several rp guilds in games like star wars the old republic, runescape, minecraft, space engineers, and rp forums my rp experience in all these games extends to running small side storys and a few major campaigns in space engineers and swotor I've been rping in one form or another for 12 years so I've just about seen it all

Have you had previous Moderating experience?: yes I ran a guild for almost a year as well as managed a skype chat for that guild as well it grew to the point where we had almost 70 members in skype chat I was the leader up until the point I passed on the leadership to another to pursue other interests I also spent time with my old gaming clan Warrior Nation for almost 4 years spending most of my time in the ranks of leadership I started as a lieutenant (equivalent to a moderator) eventually rising up in the ranks to game master (leader of a particular game group) and after that I became a captian (leader of a genre of game) in which I held sway over at 200 to 300 players at any point in time I am still a member just not active anymore

Lastly, do you promise to follow all Rules/RP Etiquette/Moderator Rules? yes

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