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::Zhelas Character Sheet

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Character Sheet

Character Name

Zele, Zhe


Age/Date of Birth
December 15th

Apparent Age


5'2" ft.

112 lbs.

Hair Color/Style
Middle back, Straight, Black

Lightning Blue

From the edge of her eyes down to her cheek, Maroon colored.

Physical Appearance
Slim and Athletic
Strong only when temper arises

Combat Style
Tactical and quick-kill

Rage Impact
Assault Slash
Lightning Rod
Way of the Gun
Hydra Transmutation


Special item:
Giant Bow
-Given to her by her friend

Clothing and Armor:
Armor - Royal Knight Armor Set and Giant Bow
Casual - Anti-Formor, Giant Bow, Vampire Hunter Boots, and Leather Black Gloves

-A lot of Enemies
Pilgrim Sword with Rebis Guard Cylinder
Original Sin Staff

-Smallor Few Enemies
Merlin Knuckles
Dowra's Dual Gun

Hermit Staff
Gospel Cylinder
Royal Pumpkin Rapier
Hagi's Shuriken

((She legit has most of these in game))

Mabinogi Character Background

-Sounds of nature
-Being Alone

-People who stand to close
-Cocky and Conceded people
-Feelings (Cheesy stuff)
-Getting embarrassed
-People who think they know her

Positive Traits
-Doesn't give up
-Sensitive to emotions

-Huge Temper
-Smartass sometimes
-Low Self-Esteem
-Doesn't like others much

Zhelas doesn't like to give up not even if put at the brink of death, which sometimes can lead to really bad problems for her health.
She's tactical and prefers to go into a battle prepared rather than on impulse.
Zhelas prefers to think about things at times especially when they are important and when it comes to people that she needs to work with.
She may look mean but she's actually very caring and kind but won't accept that she's actually acting like it and will push away the words thrown at her.
Being blind causes her senses to increase and that makes it worse for her since she senses emotions from others rather strongly than most, it kind of gets to her and she may get sick as well.

Though she seems nice on the outside and very calm when she's not talking she has a huge temper and that usually leads to super strength from an adrenaline rush.
She sometimes has really smart remarks but that's usually people close to her or comebacks.
She doesn't have confidence in herself a lot of the time and it kind of bothers her a little.
Zhelas can't stand it when people try to sound like they know her or they try talking to her hoping to become friends rather easily. She finds it annoying and irritating but will still talk.
She's an introvert and that's all I'm going to say.

Zhelas was born in Iria, by a mother and father elf. She was a lot different from others and her parents at the same time because of so much difference she has between her family members. Her father is an Archer and her mother is a mage and even then Zhelas took on the warrior path because it was chosen for her. She was born blind and found it really annoying to aim at something with a bow when she first started using one. They thought that she was blind but the problem started when she was losing her far-sight first and from growth she slowly started to lose her near-sight. Her father was slightly upset that he couldn't teach her the way of the bow but that didn't stop her mother from teaching her magic since it could hit various enemies. Zhelas had difficulties with her beginning mage skills but did so much better when she advanced to the second and third level of magic. Her father's friend helped her learn the way of the blade and that's when they began to notice that her senses were extremely sensitive to her surroundings as well as her emotions. They sought to be careful with arguments and such around her. Throughout the years the difference between them became more noticeable. Her mother had long blond thin hair and was slightly tan with beautiful hazel eyes and her father had autumn hair that look like fire was coming out of it when he stepped into the sunlight, his eyes was that of a calming earthly green and both their ears were long pointed upward, he was slightly dark. Both parents had same markings on their cheek with the light purple shade against the tattoos. Zhelas on the other hand was born with long straight black hair, lightning blue eyes that could nearly glow in the night of a thunderstorm if they wanted to, her skin was pale and lightly peachy, and her marking were much more different than her parents. She had much smaller ears as well and found it difficult around others. Since they kept thinking that Zhelas was adopted or abandoned. She didn't like the Elven children and humans thought that she was a formor since she didn't look Elven.

She hated it and soon that temper slowly started building up. She didn't care to look pretty and most of the time she wore coats and boyish like clothing to look tough, which in this case she was. Zhelas practiced everyday to become the beast at swords and little by little the elves began to notice her skills at the blade. But she still hated them. She didn't like them at all. Zhelas left Iria when she turned sixteen and since then she had been traveling across the continent visiting everywhere. She mainly enjoyed Vales, where it was nice and cold and away from the scorching heat. She found comfort in the snow, beaches, and forests. She found it hard to work with people even though her job kind of told her to do so anyway. That's why she learned multiple skills to help herself when it came to doing something on her own. Later on Zhelas, was taken in by a giant and he taught her more about being a warrior. He had a group called the Dragon Knights . Zhelas had to prove herself and obtain a dragon of her own to ride with them and that she did. She managed to tame a fully grown dragon simply by sitting there and staring back at him, the dragon had bowed its head and so she did as well both respecting their authority and treating other well. That's how she came to become a dragon knight and follow the giant's step to becoming one.



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