Ronnilis' Perspective as a Debtor.

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Ronnilis' Perspective as a Debtor.

Post by Ronnilis on Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:31 pm

RP session 1 Bear Hunting:

After Ronnilis completed his first freelance task of slaying a witch, he accepted more job offers from that town. One of these jobs required him to hunt bears for their pelts. The client, Eavan, asked Ronnilis along with several other adventurers. However, these adventurers had different plans.

Althaea, a sympathizer with nature, decided he would protect the bears. This prompted him to visit the bear hunting site of Dunbarton. Haydon, a skilled cook, hoped to cook some bears with his fireball magic. Renco, an insane farmer who wears a bucket, busied himself with the tedious task of chopping wood in the same vicinity where the bears occupied. Tovah, a mercenary, originally intended to find a special ring. This ring remained lost in the fields where the bears laid, resulting in Tovah to take on both the freelance work and search for the ring. Aleita, a spirit, lay around the fields of the bears waiting for any trespassers. Yet, this spirit showed a shy nature and stuttered frequently in the presence of other humanoids. She much preferred the bears. Allarielle, a young maiden, searched for Renco in order to tell him about his farms. She seemed quite worry, but grew quite passive as she realized Renco had grown insane.
These individuals and adventurers all met at the site of bear hunting. This story is told by the perspective of Ronnilis.

Day 24 as a Debtor,

As I walked through the city of Dunbarton, my glory showed to the people through the new scythe I equipped myself with. I defeated the terrorizing witch of Dunbarton and reclaimed a portion of wealth. I only had one goal in mind with this newly acquired money, to return to my homeland, Tara. But the coins were only a few and I knew I would have to take on more jobs. However, the memory of returning home to a sickly mother and defeating those pitiful magic users prompted me to continue. And with that I took a new job from Eavan, the Dunbarton administrator.

When I read through the new job order, I noticed it was simply a huge bear extermination request. I had to collect a certain amount of pelts to receive a portion of the Dunbarton budget. Orginally, I thought it wouldn’t show itself as a difficult task, but as I walked towards the site, I noticed more adventurers appearing.

First, I met an individual cladded in heavy armor with a bucket as a helmet. I believed that man to show signs of insanity and quickly made my exit. Yet, as I continued deeper in the fields, I noticed many bears burnt to a crisp and slashed. Then, a scent caught my nose. I followed closely to find the source, I wouldn’t want to find myself with some murderer in these fields. It was only a woman equipped with a wand and some minor leather cloth. As soon as I saw her use of fire magic to cook the bear meat, I knew she had signs of a magic user. Also, I noticed an abundance of pelts located quite far from her current location. Now, I’m no thief, but these magic users put me in debt; and well it’s only fair if a little payback comes their way.

I remembered that moment vividly. Or well my clothes smell like burnt bacon. I had taken a few steps into her camp and then a spark of fire erupted upon my body. She had keen senses, similar to that witch. I managed to gather myself with a tune to boost my morale. Only a few burns accompanied my skin and with that I ran to the nearest tree. The shade would keep me cool as I recovered. Yet, another fireball came my way. Luckily, I dodged the blow by using my scythe as a shield. I knew I couldn’t defeat this woman, unless there was a way to distract her or make her lose that wand. Then, the previous man I met, Renco, came into the fray. Since the woman was preoccupied with me, she didn’t notice the man drop firewood into her campfire. And with that I played a song to attract more bears. The trembling shakes that stemmed from the ground coarsened my ears. A ringing sound popped in my head as the savage group of bears started to attack.

The woman now had to let me go for now. The bears were headed to her feast, or well bear meat. I left immediately to meet the insane man whose unintentional actions saved my life. He kept on shouting: “Renco loves potatoes, Renco loves his bucket!” Well, I remembered the conversation was something along those lines. Then, I noticed the piles of pelts surrounding his bucket like a crown. He achieved what I could not, he stole the pelts before I could have the chance to start. Maybe his insanity allowed a sense of cathartic release, where he could achieve anything without consequence or guilt. But with these thoughts, I begun to notice the pelts to loosen around his bucket. I decided I would help this man return to Eavan, and collect the profits. However, the air around me seemed to grow stuffy. A strange woman armed with wings and a wand made her appearance to Renco (I think that’s his name) and me. Surely, this day wasn’t just ordinary bear hunting.

The woman stated she was originally part of a spirit weapon, until her master showed his abusive nature. And with that she told me she broke away from her master with the help of the god, Cichol. Fascinating stuff. I told the woman, “I don’t believe anything a magic user says.” With that comment put upon her she dragged Renco and I into the air. I was astounded by her power as a spirit. After that occurrence, she told us her name was Aleita and that she recently awakened in this region due to the heavy bear hunting. The only reason she told us her name was that she recognized the “pure” intentions of Renco. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of the reason. And with that I left. It wasn’t worth my time, because I still had zero pelts.

I hunted maybe fifty or forty bears. It was hard to count, since it was quite time consuming to skin the bears for their pelts. I just wanted to finish this job smoothly before someone else could bother me. Too bad, the fates never work in my favor. A woman appeared in my hunting grounds searching for a ring whilst hunting. It was an odd exchange, she said her name was Tovah and that she did freelance work as well. I kept her identity in mind, just in case if I needed another mercenary. She left, and with that I took off as well.

A young man with petite features showed me for the past eight bears, his concerns about nature and life. He said his name was Althaea and that he came to the fields to stop animal abuse. Now, I shouldn’t be rude to people weaker than me, but it seemed quite fair given his annoying attitude. I decided to point him in the direction where I met a strange magic user. As he left, I started to laugh knowing that he would meet a magic user obsessed with bear meat. Finally at peace, I collected myself almost a hundred bear pelts. The sum for such a load should be around fifty-thousand gold coins. Not as much as my previous mission were I killed a witch, but enough to let me live in some comfort.

Walking back to Dunbarton, I noticed the strange magic user woman, Althaea, Renco, Aleita, and an unknown woman all arguing. I wish I could have left, but that Renco brought me into the conversation. Apparently, he started that I was his friend to the rest of the group. I had no choice to enter the conversation, since I feared for my life the magic that woman and spirit possessed. The woman revealed herself as Haydon and wanted guests to eat her food. Aleita and Althaea were trying to prevent the situation, but Renco tried to encourage friendly tidings. Then, Allarielle or that’s what she called herself to the group told everyone about Renco’s problems. I began to grow bored and tired with constantly meeting these people. Yet another argument surfaced.

Haydon charged a fully blown fireball. This power-induced woman then fired it upon the spirit, Aleita. I couldn’t believe that magic, in fact, I hate such magic. But I digressed. The spirit managed to block such power with her own unique magic. She shielded the blow with her wings. Haydon kept on shouting for a cooked spirit for the feast. Althaea tried to prevent the situation, constantly saying: “Guys, no fighting! Violence is not the correct answer!” This I assumed a powerful response, since Haydon and Aleita stopped the fighting. Well…Haydon resumed fighting with the bears, instead. Amidst the confusion, I took my leave. I didn’t quite understand the situation, but I did know that these individuals were quite eclectic.

After returning to Dunbarton, I presented the pelts. I received a small sum of five-thousand gold coins. Apparently, there was a time limit on such jobs like these ones. I left furious. I realized that I couldn’t waste my time in Dunbarton. I needed a fast way to attain treasure. And with that thought, the day ended. I couldn’t care one bit about what happened to the others.

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