Ronnilis RP Character Application

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Ronnilis RP Character Application

Post by Ronnilis on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:40 pm

Hello, this is a sample RP Character Application for Alexina.

IGN: Ronnilis

Mabinogi Character Sheet

Character Name: Ronnilis

Alias/Nickname: Ron

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth: Age is 23, birthday is Alban Elved

Apparent Age: Currently my character appears to be around 11.

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet and 10 inches.

Weight: 157 pounds.

Hair Color/Style: My hair is wavy and medium in comparison to other people. It holds a tint of blonde, but mainly looks white. The hair shows Ronnilis’ youthful appearance.

Eyes: Light orange eyes.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Ronnilis has a scar along his thighs when he was pierced by a knight’s lance. This occurred in Tara when he tried to participate in the tournament.

Physical Appearance: Ronnilis looks slightly skinny, but he has enough endurance and strength to wield a massive scythe. He appears to be slightly buff around his upper waist, lacking the ability to dash around due to his underworked legs.

Combat Style: Ronnilis prefers to put his enemies to sleep with his favorite lullabies. Then, when he has the chance he strikes them with his scythe. Without his instrument, he fights in a bold manner, always looking to get the first strike.

Skills: Ronnilis’ favorite skills include Final Hit (teleportation), Lullaby, Smash, Windmill, Counterattack, Battlefield Overture, Enthralling Performance, and March Song.

Professions: Ronnilis is a traveling bard, who attains money through his music, or slicing his enemies with his scythe through part-time hunting jobs.

Special item: Ronnilis always carries his favorite music scroll. He received this item from his father, who was a knight in the Tara infantry. It’s a song detailing the heroics of the famous knights of Tara.

Clothing and Armor: Ronnilis has to wear light clothing due to the heavy weight of his scythe. He typically wears black as his primary color in order to hide well during his travels to avoid bandits.

Weapons: Ronnilis uses a Battle Mandolin and a Scythe as his main weapons for combat.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: Ronnilis enjoys playing music, obtaining money, riding horses, eating bacon with special Tara sauce, singing, aiding his homeland, being in solitude and participating in Tara tournaments.

Dislikes: Ronnilis dislikes horrible music, losing wealth, Magic users, huge crowds, bandits, and sheep.

Positive Traits: Loyal to tara, soft-hearted (towards innocents), charismatic with songs, self-confident, and skilled in tactical combat.

Flaws: Greedy, sarcastic, introverted, Addiction to Vales Whisky, and inept in magic.

Personality: Ronnilis has enjoyed music ever since his mother taught him a song about a unique bird from Tara. Since his father was a knight, he is skilled at riding horses, loyal to Tara, and adept at combat. However, he views bandits with disgust along with Magic users. He prefers fighting in solitude and like all knights hopes to obtain his own territory though land. However, a lack of loyal friends in Tara caused him to sway from the path of the knight.


As a child, Ronnilis grew up in Tara. His father was an admired Knight of the tara infantry, and his mother was a talent musician and cook. During his childhood, he lived in comfortable wealth through pursing both combat and music.

Even at a young age, his pride as a Tara citizen prompted him to show his skills in the Tara tournament. However, it causes a nasty scar to him when a lance punctured his thighs. Magic saved his life, but also caused his father to be in debt towards the Magic Users of Tara.

During his adolescence he worked hard to obtain money, even hoping to become a knight. However, with the growing debt his father could not afford their estate. Ronnilis decided to leave the Tara household to find better work, since he realized novice knights are not paid well. But before he left, his father gave him a particular scroll for Ronnilis to always remember his heritage.

He grew in solitude, only accompanied by his music. However, while Ronnilis played music in Dunbarton, he discovered from a passerby a quick way to obtain money. Ronnilis was going to kill a witch terrorizing Dunbarton’s farmlands. Since magic had always been a difficulty to Ronnilis, he knew he had to overcome this obstacle.

With Ronnilis’ combat experience he thought of a plan to put the witch to sleep. With a stroke of luck, he managed to lull the Witch to sleep with his father’s scroll, and with that he stroke the witch dead with her own scythe. He managed to pay off his debt, but now he hungers for more wealth, so that one day he may return wealthy.

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