Avieer The DragonSlayer

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Avieer The DragonSlayer

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Avieer Intro Song:

"So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings." ~ Atly The DragonBane

Character Name: Avieer

Alias/Nickname: N/A

Race: Giant

Age/Date of Birth: 24

Apparent Age: Appears to be 30

Gender: Male

Height: 8'4

Weight: 430 lbs

Hair Color/Style: Blonde,Kind of above his shoulder

Eyes: Hazel

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Large Scar stretches out across his back hidden under his armor.

Physical Appearance: Strong,Firm Stance,

Combat Style: Agressive,( Gets a little hyper active in battle.)


Professions: A Lonewolf DragonSlayer

Special item:N/A  

Clothing and Armor: He wears a mythril armor plate, with red cloth beneath it and a Dragons eye in the middle of the plate, Iron boots which shine in the sun. Spiky red shoulder gauntlets.

Weapons: A giant blade passed down to him from his father. He also grips a Shield of Vales in the other hand to protect him. A large two handed axe hangs from his back

Likes: Eating, Thrill of fighting Dragons , Seeing dragons fall to his feet, Exploring, Joking around

Dislikes: Traitors,Thieves, Any Dragon species, Liers, Non-confident people.

Positive Traits: Determination, Curageous,Adventerous,Adaptable, Alert,Skillful,Calm,Loving

Flaws: Arrogant, Self-Centered, Secretive

Personality: N/A

History: Once upon a time in the land of Physis lied a town called Vales, in this town loved the greatest DragonSlayer known around Iria, Atly the DragonBane. Atly wasn't the nicest of Giant, but he always kept a grin on his face. Atly always walked around Vales hearing the Giant women and men praise him because he was coming from the Volcanos of Raspa after slaying the wyverns that has haunting Vales for years. Sophia,Atly's wife, was so happy to see him and told him that she was pregnant. Atly has never cried in a while, but he hugged her, while his eyes were filled with tears of joy. Sophia whispers,"Your going to be a great father..." Atly hugged her tighter and tighter. The day after that, Avieer was born. A handsome 3 foot baby. Avieer looked mostly like Atly, his nose and eyes and his ears, but he had his mothers hair. Atly and Sophia lived in harmony. Atly wanted little Avieer to be like him but Sophia wanted to teach Avieer how to cook and wash clothes. Atly disagreed with Sophia then they both got into a small argument, but the argument ceased when  Sophia said," He will choose his own destiny..." Atly agreed with her. Vales was in harmony and timed passed. Avieer quickly grew. He listens to the story's his father tell him in the kitchen while Sophia is cooking. Avieer seem to always have a smile on his face never phased by anything. He was always willing to help his mother cook and clean sometimes, even though his cooking skills was morally bad. When Avieer turned 10, he was smacking a tree with a huge stick longer than a blade. Avieer says to himself," I will be like father! I will not be weak!"Atly noticed him training then smiles showing that he is proud of him working hard to be like him one day. Avieer grew more seeming to be taller than his mother. Avieer was 13 at this time. On that fateful day a messenger giant ran to Avieer's house knocking at the door with great force. Atly opens the door listening and glaring at the door," This better be good! "Atly says. Avieer eyes would dart to the door seeming to be listening to what the messenger says. The Messenger yells in panick," A white dragon! Is attacking Vales! " The messenger points then begins to run. Atly walks outside then looks over toward that direction, with his large hammer and shield. Avieer seems curious then walks to the door peeking outside. He yells, "Sophia take Avieer inside! I will take care of this dragon menace! The white dragon stomps some of the guards, then yells," Worthless beings!"  Atly charges toward the dragon with an irritated and angry look on his face," You dare come to Vales and kill my people, You foul creature!" The white dragons eyes the Atly,"Foool!!" The white dragon opens its mouth, showing its sharp teeth then builds up some fire in it belly, then spits fire out of its mouth towards Atly. " Mere fire can't kill me! " Atly raises his shield blocking most of the fire from hitting him. The dragon stomps sending a shockwave toward Atly, his eyes widen as he is stuck on what to do. The shock waves sends Ataly flying towards a tree, he hits the tree hard dropping his hammer and shield. Avieer looks out of the window curious of what's going on, his eyes widen seeing his father severely injured." Father!" Sophia covers Avieer's mouth but he is trying to snatch away from her. The dragon closes in to Atly," You have no reason to live fool! The dragon build up energy from it stomach then blast a ball of fire at Atly. Avieer succeeds with snatching away from Sophia then he looks out the window again seeing Atly get embalmed in fire. His eyes then widen, suprised to see what has happened. "Father!! Noooo!" Avieer yells. Sophia grabs Avieer's arms and pulls him down to the cellar/basement. Sophia hug Avieer's head, his eyes seems to be blank not moving whatsoever. The white dragon still roars stomping the ground, burning down the buildings. Hearing the crumbling rubble fall on top of them as they sit in the cellar. A tear slowly rolls down Avieer's cheek thinking about the fire that made his fathers body engulf in uncertain flames. Avieer closes his eyes try to stay strong, but he still crys inside his heart. The days past, a Newly Rebuilt Vales, was established under the honors of King Krug. Avieer is 20 at this time. Avieer had tried out to be a guard for Vales, and he also seemed more stubborn. He never followed the rules of training. He did his own thing, followed his own guidelines, but one thing about Avieer he seemed to be better than most of the guards in the city of vales with his techniques of how to approach battle. The Guard Trainer didn't like him so much for stealing his shine but Avieer just smile and laughs a little keeping an determined look on his face. One day, Avieer was then a local blacksmith,by the name of Taunes, called him over," Avieer!." He walks over to Taunes slowly. "It's been over a decade since your father died....Well.." Avieer looks down closing his eyes, " Yes. But it was a victory....He sacrificed his life for Vales! That dragon...I will avenge my father, I will slay every dragon across this land if I have too..." Taunes pats him on the shoulder, then says low," Your a confident boy....But you can't kill a dragon without the proper gear, Right?" A smirk curls on Avieer's face,"You are right..." Taunes tells him,"Luckily your father loved you so much to left you some things that would make you feel better." Avieer eyes seems eyes seem to widen as he says thinking to himself, (What could he leave me....) Taunes brings out a large blade and a shield that stands a half of Avieer's current height. Avieer smiles almost crying at that brief moment but wipes the tears remaining strong.(( Not Done))

Enraged Avieer:

Beast Lord Avieer:

Enraged Beastlord Avieer:

Evil Avieer~(Never know what happens XD )

Awoken Avieer from Rebirth:

Staring down Cejy Or Tovuh.(Not remembering what they did to him.)

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Re: Avieer The DragonSlayer

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