Saya De Yuki (Mabi-Name "Sayayuki")

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Saya De Yuki (Mabi-Name "Sayayuki")

Post by Sayayuki on Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:42 pm

Character Name: Sayayuki

Alias/Nickname: Saya De Yuki

Race: Demon of the Blood

Age/Date of Birth: Nodoby can say how old is Saya, but he still looks everytime like Age 15

Gender: Male

Height: 1,70cm

Weight: 56kg

Hair Color/Style: Black Hairs with easy cut. He cut his hair himself and dont look how it looks.

Eyes: Red like Blood

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Saya got 2 Scars in his Face. The first is trouth his lef Eye - on the same side from his face, he got a scar from the nose to the hinge of the jaw. On hims Back he got a Tattoo like a Pentagram, where is in the Circle an Eye of a snake and around the Circle is black fire. A plinth is under the pentagram and stay on a hill of corpses.

Physical Appearance: Saya De Yuki is an Demon who looks everytime like age 15 and nobody takes him seriously. He dont looks relly strong, he dont makes the look of a dangerous person. But woman cant really stop to ty to flirt with him. He has a naturally strong attraction, because his eyes and his nice voice, it hears like a friendly guy.

Combat Style: Magic, close Combat, Fighter (he has much of Talents because he has an old age, who nobody knows the true age of him).

Secondary Style: Hiker

Professions: He dont has a reallly Work, or Job. But everybody meets him as a Hiker.

Alignment/Faction: Assassins enclave

Morality: He makes a show like an friendly Guy, but he cant stop laughting if somebody hurts. A Story of Pain is a Nice Story for him, but he are a neutral viewers. He dont really jump into a fight and dont want to make his hands dirty. Sometimes a Person can make a agreement with him, without his 'okey'. That will be then a accident. A Person has only to say his real completly Name and to say "You are a Dmon of Blood!" and the Number of his Circle - That is the 13. one. If somebody say that into one set, Saya will be his/her Slave for the next 100 Years.

Special item: Sayas Spazial Item is Saya himself. If he have Blood from another Person on his tongue, he can controll it for a little time. Like - one lick is a controll like 5 minutes.

Clothing and Armor: If he is a Demon u can see him with a Ancient Vampire Outfit, Ancient Vampire Boots, Blessed Elatha's Horns and Demon Wings. If he is in Normal, u can se him with different clothers.

Weapons: Liberty Saber; His most familiar weapon is Areth, an important part of his soul and hidden in a snow white Liberty Saber .

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: Looks Problems of another People - they are Storys for him, like a book or a song. He likes to hear Music, from himself or another people. He like the Night and dark places, Horrorstorys and creepy places. Blood, wounds ... Shortly: Saya is a Freak! (and he likes Man, so he is a Person who is falling in love with his own gender.)

Dislikes: socializing, bright areas, Woman,

Positive Traits: He is not an aggressive typ. He listen what you say to him. If u have an Agreement with him, he is loyal and is starting to come in dangerous for you. If u have his Heart, it dont exist another person who know how loyal he can be.

Flaws: He makes Jokey for everything, so ... if u have pain, he must laughting and tell u what u have done wrong. He dont open his arms for you - he toks his finger on your heat and say your wrong. If u are a sensetive typ, you will cy fast. But if u are a Woman, he can be a Gentlemen. So he makes differences about Woman and Mans. He wants to be treated by men like a woman , but women he always treated like a lady .

Personality: A Guy who cant se a pain of a person and makes everytime a happy face. He can be angry if somebody tell him what he have to do, but he never forget a tipp. He can laught about everytime and try to make somebody happy - he makes differences .. so look up!

History: The History of Saya De Yuki is not easy to tell. Saya De Yuki was Born once in the Past - nobody can say how old he is. But he knows much. So you can say he is very old. He is not good in Magic, but he can use it - so some of his Trying is a failture ... in the Theorie he is reallly good, but please be carefull to ask him makes magic on u. Maybe u wil be a pet after his try. After that i can tell you he has a history ... But nobody knows ... or care of that...



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