Yomey RP application

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Yomey RP application

Post by Yomey on Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:40 pm

Mabinogi Character Sheet

Ign: Yomeylame

Alias/Nickname: Yomey

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth: 16 9/16/1998

Apparent Age: 16

Gender: male

Height: idk.

Weight: 136 pounds

Hair Color/Style: Messy, and red

Eyes: blue

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: nope

Physical Appearance: Teenage boy body.

Combat Style: I rush like lerory Jenkins

Skills: Warrior

Professions: Nothing really, I do anything I need too

Special item: Magic puppet

Clothing and Armor: Anything as long as it looks nice

Weapons: dual wielded swords, dragon fang

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes:  playing music, but im not good at composing

Dislikes: anything that’s not chill

Positive Traits: I like helping people

Flaws: Im weak Sad

Personality: Im weird .~. I try my best to help people, I don’t know who my parents are, I was a orphan and I raised myself. I didn’t have a home, so I traveled all around Erinn.

History: I goof off all the time instead of training my skills, that’s why im so weak ^.^


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