Skype/Mabinogi RP Group Rules.

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Skype/Mabinogi RP Group Rules.

Post by Ronnilis on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:25 am

RP Group Rules

Its fine to tease others but do not go overboard. If someone feels threatened or harassed please stop bothering that individual. If you continue to pester that individual despite warning, Ronnilis will kick you from the RP group public chat. However, if it continues in-game Ronnilis will kick you from the RP group.

There are no restrictions in regards to speech, however, if someone feels offended due to specific phrases or words you must stop. This is to ensure a comfortable zone for everyone.

Control your anger and do not vent towards another RP member. This is to prevent any unnecessary bullying within the RP group.

If you want to start an RP, simply state the background, location, time, and information regarding the RP in the public group chat.

Do not EVER crash someone’s RP session within the RP group. If you do, Ronnilis will kick you from participating in further RP sessions.

Lastly, do not post offensive images in the Skype RP group chat. If you continue posting offensive material you will be subjected to a kick.

Remember this information is subjected to change and if you have questions about a specific rule or believe a rule should be added contact me via Skype: jack.willis46/Ronnilis ; or via Mabinogi: Ronnilis.

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