<< Roshan Craun RP Profile >>

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<< Roshan Craun RP Profile >>

Post by Xemion on Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:32 pm

<< IGN >>

<< Character Name >>
Roshan Craun

<< Alias/Nickname >>

<< Race >>
Human{Tuatha de Danann}

<< Age/Date of Birth >>
23, Eleventh of Alban Eiler

<< Apparent Age >>
Early twenties

<< Gender >>

<< Height >>

<< Weight >>
122 lbs

<< Hair Color/Style >>
His dark wine red hair is typically kept in a shaggy mess-like manner with it becoming more organized for formal events, about twelve inches at length and slightly wavy. A small patch of hair grows from his chin; like his eyebrow the hair is darker than his normal hair.

<< Eyes >>

<< Marks/Scars/Tattoos >>

<< Physical Appearance >>
Standing at a nominal height, he is rather skinny from forgetting to eat whilst studying. He seems rather young but the facial hair suggests he is at least in his twenties, his skin tone would reflect his birthplace of the coasts of Uladh.

<< Combat Style >>
Roshan is primarily a ‘tactical controller’, maintaining a watchful eye over the battlefield and ensuring that he is capable of forcing the enemy to comply to his will by orchestrating his allies.

<< Skills >>
Water Cannon, Frozen Blast, Summon Golem, Barrier Spikes, Life Drain, Transmutation, Mana Shield, Elemental Wave

<< Professions >>
Roshan travels from place to place as an alchemist for hire; offering advice, alchemical creations, and potions to those he serves in exchange for funding of his experiments.

<< Special item >>
Each of the founders of the Limerence guild were given a ring, each ring was capable of magically sprouting wings on the person wearing the ring that would allow them to fly. While the ring is capable of propelling the bearer to fast speeds, it is only able to do this for a single day before it needs to recharge under the light of Ladeca for an entire night. Additionally it is only capable of holding, at most, one other person; any more and they will simply not be able to take off.

<< Clothing and Armour >>
Preferring flowing and clothing with length, he primarily wears a black Vampire Hunter's uniform accented with blue stripes and white fur. Under it is segmented light armour which is enough to protect from most blunt attacks. Resting on the bridge of his nose is a pair of glasses to correct his near-sightedness.

<< Weapons >>
Primarily he wields a cylinder oriented towards water alchemy assisted by a guard cylinder resembling the one owned by the Vate known as Professor J, used in conjunction with varying degrees of success he is able to defend himself with the shield and make attacks with the water-oriented cylinder.. At his hip for close combat he uses dual swords, one being a sword from his previous guild of a reddish colouration and the other being a stone beholder's sword.

><Mabinogi Character Background><

<< Likes >>
Food, books, dragons, magic, justice, studying, archaeology

<< Dislikes >>
Unnecessary combat, pretentiousness, insects, hot weather, deserts

<< Positive Traits >>
Strategical, relaxed, inquisitive, idealistic, resourceful

<< Flaws >>
Shy, introverted, prone to rambling, near-sighted, tunnel vision, fear of death

<< Personality >>
From first glance one could tell that he was an easy-going yet optimistic individual, his smile suggesting a pleasant demeanour all in all. He does not like drawing attention to himself, instead he is often found sitting and reading or working on an alchemical project. While he projects a calm and relaxed appearance to people he has just met, over time he slowly warms up to people and expresses a far more bubbly and inquisitive behaviour; going as far as rambling to those he feels comfortable with. Enjoying things like food and relaxing music, he has always found himself the happiest when he is by water which is his favoured element; explaining his choice in training his water alchemy to be quite strong compared to his other alchemical abilities. While his tunnel vision can on occasion be useful when applied to the current situation, it is more times than not a bane of his as he is often concentrated on the wrong thing. While death is escapable through magic and other means, he finds the concept of death to be horrifying to the point of it becoming a phobia.

<< History >>
Born off the coast of Uladh near the port town of Cobh to his parents the alchemists Daemon and Heracious, Roshan was raised in your ordinary family of alchemical and magical curiosities. Raised on a diet of learning and mystery from birth he soon found himself a personal fan of the 'family business' but was never able to formally apply. Forced to learn alchemy with the occasional assistance of his parents, he took to the books and scripts found throughout Tara. While Tara contained a vast amount of information, he decided to go on a little trip to Taillteann to learn more about alchemy. Using money he had gotten from his parents he was able to buy the expensive books from the extraordinary alchemists in Taillteann and begun reading them immediately. As he walked back to the Moon Gate and stepped up onto the platform, his thoughts were focused on the book's current subject of water alchemy resulting in the Moon Gate mistaking his focused thoughts of water to be his requested destination.

Accidentally transporting to Port Cobh he started walking for a bit with his eyes fixated on the book, in no time at all he had walked off the small island and into the water surrounding the lighthouse. Luckily for him a giant jumped into the water after him and brought him back to shore, thanking the Giant profusely he sighed once the Moon Gate deactivated with the dawn and absence of Ladeca. Explaining his situation to the giant he was able to convince the giant to escort him back to Tara in exchange for payment, resting in Emain Macha's famous pub till Palala had gone down and the Moon Gate reactivated, a pub fight broke out after what appeared to be a small Elf Mage refusing to pay his tab as he claimed he had no memory of buying anything. With magic, swords, and cylinders everywhere, Roshan slowly made his way out of the fray to find himself joined by the Elf who had started it and a few others wishing to escape the combat zone. After exchanging a few laughs they all agreed to help Roshan home, along the way they started talking more and more about their common interests and by the time they gotten to Roshan's house in Tara they had formed a guild. The guild's main goal being to keep the peace.

As a founding member of this guild he put forward his hopes, dreams, and abilities to craft the enchanted sword of the same name as the guild, Limerence. While the sword rested with the leader of the guild and seldom saw actual combat usage, it was a large accomplishment and proof to Roshan that he was capable of creating wonders with friends. As the years past and Roshan grew as an alchemist and obtained new items crafted by the guild's members, albeit never formally trained, the guild started drifting further and further apart till it eventually disbanded. Deciding to continue his work he travelled to Iria and joined a band of archaeologists looking for clues of a mysterious phoenix of legend, once sufficiently inspired, he travelled back to Uladh to search for others with information on the mythical Phoenix of Utopia.

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