Marcy the fiery cat!

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Marcy the fiery cat!

Post by Firecatx3 on Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:35 am

IGN: Firecatx

Character Name: Marceline

Alias/Nickname: Marcy, Fire, Firecat

Race: Human with cat ears

Age: 15, birthday unknown

Apparent Age: 11

Gender: Female

Height: Unknown, varies from forms

Weight: Unknown, varies from forms

Hair Color/Style: Same as character

Eyes: Red

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Appearance: Strong, looks weaker than she actually is. Also adorable

Combat Style: Using combat strategies after going in without thinking

Skills: Transform, crisis escape, final hit, counterattack, couples flight, and rest.

Professions: Marcy usually just either hunts things for money, or steals it from bandits

Special item: Marcy always carries her dream catcher, which she got from a mysterious old man. It lets her change shapes

Clothing and Armor: Marcy usually wears an adorable marionette pierrot outfit, but also carries a hawaian swimsuit

Weapons: Marcy uses the dream catcher to transform, or a double rainbow awesome beam swords!

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: Marcy likes to eat, sleep, transform, and adventuring. Also to kill bandits mercilessly

Dislikes: Marcy dislikes most insects, ironicaly. She also dislikes being lonely

Positive Traits: Positive, sneaky and adorable. Also has a kind of dirty mind

Flaws: Has to depend on others

Personality: Marcy is an adorable cat-eared human with a love for most food, and killing bandits. Also sleeping with her candy pillow.

History: Marcy, at age 7, woke up in Taillteann. Having lost her memories, she wandered around and met a mysterious old man who gave her a dream catcher...(Some things are best left closed, for now)



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