Alipheese, The Scourge

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Alipheese, The Scourge

Post by Mizukaze on Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:46 pm

Character Name: Alipheese

Alias/Nickname: Alice

Race: Elf

Age/Date of Birth:  Age: 18, Date of Birth: 3/21/15/1522

Gender: Female

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches

Weight: 150 Pounds

Hair Color/Style: Black, Straight hair leading halfway down my back, it curls slightly at the ends.

Eyes: Amber

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Sharp Hena

Physical Appearance: She looks fairly well built, but not strong.

Combat Style: Archery, due to her liking to sneak up on people, she opted for a ranged mode of attack.

Secondary Combat Style: Melee, Every now and then she misses. This is her backup plan.

Alignment/Faction: Alipheese aligns with no town. Assassins’ Enclave

Morality: Chaotic Evil. Alice cant stand people, the way they act. And their mindless belif and trust in the cities.

Clothing and Armor: Often she wears a police uniform to mock authority, or a robe to protect from rain or snow. Both look like standard wear.

Weapons: Alice uses a simple long bow and bastard sword to compliment eachother.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes:  Sadism, Hunting (Targets), Dark Areas, Various Litature, Artefacts

Dislikes: Alice dislikes Peace, Calm, Obedience, Simple Mindedness, Churches, Bright lights

Positive Traits: Quick learner, Serious, Efficent, Swift, Quick-Thinker

Flaws: Sarcastic, Cynical, Greedy, Rude, Violent

Personality: A violent person in it simply to bring down society and see people suffer in any way possible.

History: Alipheese was born in the city of tailteann, she was quite the nice person. Offering help whenever she could and often participating in church related activites. Around her 17th birthday a group of alchemists had contacted her regarding an experiment that they needed help with. She couldent say no, something like this seemed quite exciting. They strapped her to a table and begun their work. Mixing chemicals, herbs, and other various substances and injected it into her arm via needle. Since then she's had a dramatic personality change, hurting anyone nearby, going into fits of violence, having an extreme taste for blood, and even going so far as to murder people. She was invited to join the assassins enclave or be killed because of how high a threat she was. She's been working there ever since.

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