Darkfire, The Crimson Flash (Darkfire16)

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Darkfire, The Crimson Flash (Darkfire16)

Post by Darkfire16 on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:07 pm

Clothing/Armor was updated to no longer require the Nuadha Robe. (8/20/2015)

Character Name: Dark

Alias/Nickname: Darkfire/The Crimson Flash

Race: Giant, Half-Deity

Age/Date of Birth: 7/13/????

Gender: Male

Height: 10'11 (I dont know, giants.)

Weight: 295 (Again, giants.)

Hair Color/Style: Same as the Swept Cut, covering one eye with a full beard.

Eyes: Black, but can sometimes appear as Red.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: A long tattoo that shows from his only showing eye.

Physical Appearance: Strong, almost resembling that of a God.

Combat Style: Fighter.

Secondary Combat Style: Mage, with a strong background in Alchemy.

Professions: Outlaw Hunter, Mercenary, and Teacher.

Alignment/Faction: Erinn's Knights.Falias city.

Morality: Lawful, Neutral,

Special item: A special bracer knuckle that seems to have been forged in fire, as it glows red.

Clothing and Armor: (UPDATED) He used to be forced with a mechanical arm and leg, but has since had his limbs restored thanks to one of the various Master Clerics in the world of Erinn.

Weapons: Bracer Knuckles, A Celtic Druid Staff, and can switch into a full Flame Alchemist set.

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes:  Fighting, Chaotic situations, Leadership

Dislikes: Socializing, Hatred, and talking about those he's lost.

Positive Traits:  Leader, Immense Power, Strong Intuition, Persuasion skills and Alchemic Experience.

Flaws:  Extreme Pride, Sarcasm, Can be weakened if his arm is disabled in battle, Old Age, and a tendency to be arrogant.

Personality: Dark and Mysterious, having his past mainly shrouded in mystery. He doesn't appear to be very social except for those close to him.

History: The history of the Crimson Flash is mainly shrouded in mystery except for those close to him,
but a few known facts about him is that he managed to wind his way into Falias, the City of Gods. What he failed to do was stop Nuadha from slaughtering his past family, and therefore was cursed to bear the burden of his family's death,
along with the darkness that Nuadha and Cichol managed to ensue within him.

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