Neros the Iron Heart (darkneros)

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Neros the Iron Heart (darkneros)

Post by firerobe on Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:49 am

Character Name: Neros Mysteral

Alias/Nickname: The Iron heart

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 175

Hair Color/Style: purple with a white streak on the bangs

Eyes: Dark red

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: many scars along back legs and arms

Physical Appearance: looks muscled but the armor hides most of his physical appearance

Combat Style: Melee

Secondary Combat Style: music

Professions: Knight

Alignment/Faction: Erinns Knight in the city of Tara

Morality: Chaotic Neutral

Special item: a shield with the Tara royal emblem on it but a gash through it  a lyre that with one broken string on the end

Clothing and Armor: a set of full plate mail that has been scared from prolonged use in many battles and repair countless number of times

Weapons: two swords taken from the lord that had killed his family a lyre and shield that his mentor once wielded

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: his horse music and things that remind him of his sister

Dislikes: nobles any one telling him not to do something anything he considers to be lazy

Positive Traits: dependable loyal determined honest focused

Flaws: pride stubborn angry  unforgiving intolerant

Personality: when on a mission he is a person who will finish it or die but can be stubborn to the point of idiocy and is considered to be prideful and when that pride is challenged angry

History: Neros was born in country many miles to the west of Tara to a peasant family his father Neron was baker who was never too wealthy. His mother Jeana was a once a bard who traveled the land but gave it all up when she met Neron and fell in love. They were happy for many years and eventually had two children a boy Neros and Molara a girl and the eldest she was born 4 years before Neros. they grew up happy and every night as the children drift off to sleep Jeana would play her lyre softly Neron standing just behind her. After all the good years it all changed  one dark day when the troubles began the rain was pouring outside the window as Neron was preparing the bread he was to sell the next day. Jeana sat at the table playing her lyre for Neros who had begun to learn to play. A banging came at the door Neron looked up with a worried look on his face and answer the door but a he did it was kicked in pinning him underneath. A group of men stormed in armed and armored grabbing each in the family as they were forced outside Neros could see a man dressed as a noble waiting "you have yet to pay your loans Neron for your shop and your home" Neron looked worriedly at his family then at the noble "I've paid them to your master if you would just check...." said Neron "You dare tell me what to do beat him until he pays" the noble said to a guard Neron was beaten bloody and stood back up but Neron had no more money and laughing the noble said " fine then your son will pay for you" and Neros was taken from his home screaming for his parents as his mother and sister were crying and his father shouting to him to stay strong he will come for Neros but he never did.
Neros grew up being beaten and used for manual labor being fed very little his life went by slowly until the day of his 16th birthday when he broke free of his captors when the country castle he was taken to was attacked by a rival lord who took the castle and released Neros and told him to run as fast as he could with a cold look in his eyes his dual blades running with blood he ran very far from the castle and the horrors he experienced there only to find himself lost in deep forests he wandered the wilderness sleeping restlessly trying to find his way home until he was found by a wandering knight of Tara named Miscalion who took pity on the small scared under fed boy and began to train him as his squire and they traveled all across the Erinn met many people and fought many battles together until Neros saw Miscalion not only as his savior but as his mentor as well he trained hard to use dual blades like the strange lord which had become a goal for him to achieve eventually they both returned to Tara where they were reserved with open arms but on the first night Neros heard footsteps inside his wall and woke Micalion they both investigate and find a hidden passage in the wall the follow it and find it leads to the royal apartments where there is an intruder about to kill the royal family and a fight ensues where in a killing blow Neros knocks the intruder into his mentor who dropped his shield and the intruder and jumps from the window and out into the darkness where their bodies where never found Neros took up his mentors shield and was made a knight after that for saving the royal family of Tara from the assassination attempt after he was made a knight he returned to his family home.
Where he found his father and sister had been killed as warning to the village that no uprising would be tolerated against the new lord of the province the same one that had saved Neros had killed his family Neros's mother was the only one left in the village but she had taken deathly ill from grief in an attempt to save her live he tried to move her to Tara where he had hoped the royal alchemist might save her but as they were reaching the last day of their journey she had reached her limit and lay dying in her final moments she looked into his now hardened face from years of lose and pain with tears welling up in his eyes she said to him "remember the music my son always remember the music" pushing her lyre with that she treasured into his arms as she died with a smile on her face watching her son he built her a grave on the outskirts of Tara and once more returned to his family home and burned it to the ground in is anger and grief turning his back to the flames he fought his way to the lord who had ordered the death of his father and sister and caused the death of his mother to fight him and avenge his family they fought through the castle to the highest ramparts where Neros beheaded the lord taking his swords as a trophy when he returned to Tara he was immediately imprisoned for the murder of the lord the trial went on for weeks but he was ultimately banished from Tara for the murder only being able to return upon proving himself a true hero

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