Elenkhell, Homunculus

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Elenkhell, Homunculus

Post by Uzu on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:34 pm

Corruption Rate: 10%

Alias/Nickname: Elen
Race: 72% Elf. 5% Giant. 16% Human. 7% Fomor.
Age/Date of Birth: Three Years Old, Samhain
Apparent Age: Looks about Thirteen.
Gender: None
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 80lbs
Hair Color/Style: Blue hair tied up in a pony tail. Pony tail serves an antenna.
Eyes: Right Eye (Elf eye) is green, left eye (giant eye) is red.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Scars make up for much of her body; rings her limbs and is stitched with magically imbued clear thread, making the limbs transition seamlessly.
Physical Appearance: Physical appearance is hard to determine due to how often Elen changes body parts due to maintenance. However, her signature look does not look intimidating, appearing as an adolescent teenager.
Combat Style: Spontaneous, erratic, and above all random.
Skills: Anything magical.
Professions: lives as an experiment, flexing how long a homunculus can die. All of her schemes are paid by the kingdom of Aliech.
Special item: her sea cucumber.
Clothing and Armor: The uniform of her homunculus school. Often fashioned without care, appearing ripped and torn.
Weapons: Various staffs she can get her hands on.

Character Background

Likes: Doing things, people, magic, pasta, her sea cucumber, and rhymes.
Dislikes: She likes things she hates, so I guess she likes this after all.
Positive Traits: Refuses to acknowledge failure and death. Always see the good in people.
Flaws: Loud, compulsive, spontaneous, irritating, stubborn, annoying, immature, etc etc.
Personality: It's difficult to explain Elen's personality. You have to meet her to get it. She acts without a single care in the world, often with stupidity and downright insane actions. There is no such thing as a flow of conversation with this person.
History: As alchemy established itself as a reputable occupation, many people sought to expand the limited pool of knowledge. Some took to building new cylinders while others simplified crystals. Others created life. These alchemists sought to create humanoids, creating what would be colloquially known as a homunculus. Funded by many organizations, these alchemists made astonishing progression, gradually making a form that bore a resemblance to humans. They discovered that, with a cocktail of various alchemic crystals and certain body parts, they could create life; the ratio of each varied throughout subjects. Some died quicker than others, Elen was one of the few that lived past their first year.
After turning two, she was given the name Elenkhell, representing one of the alchemist's dead daughter: Elen, who's lends her heart to the homunculus with her namesake. She was referred to by her peers as Elen's Hell.
Funding reached an all time high once shareholders discovered that the alchemists could make a somewhat long lasting life. The money funded underground homunculus institutions such as a maintenance chamber which routinely changes homunculus body parts with fresher parts to prolong their life, and a school to help educate them so that they may later integrate with society.
Upon turning two and a half, Elen was deemed (barely) worthy of leaving the underground and showcase the homunculus project. It wasn't long until white noises bled her mind, flooding her with the foresight of death. Devastated of her impending death, Elen wishes to experience as much as possible before her feeble life comes to a scripted end.

Elen's Theme

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