Some weird things might happen on this site...

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Some weird things might happen on this site...

Post by Uzu on Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:14 pm

I'm moving stuff around and see what sticks. Navigating might get a bit weird and sub forums may be moved or removed altogether. If you're worried about losing profiles, save a copy but it probably won't come down to that. With that said, the site is getting a huge overhaul, especially since it's going to be the main hub of operation. Aside from the official Alexina RP Skype call, the site will be the main place to check for upcoming RP events. To streamline this, I'm in charge of making it more prettier and have more features. These involve:

- Chatroom
- Calendar
- Image gallery
- etc.

If you have any suggestion for categories, forums, or content, message me!

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