Episode 1 : The Blazing Sands

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Episode 1 : The Blazing Sands

Post by Lyseru on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:17 pm

Long ago, the Goddess Neamhain created Iria, the Giants and the Elves. After many yet to be discovered conflicts happened, the 2 races suffered from a heavy greed, and started a war to control Neamhain's power. Infuriated, the Goddess started her Divine Punishment.
For the Giants, an Ice montrosity, still unknown, was created, turning the Giant's homeland into a frozen and harsh environment, killing thousands due to the poor conditions.
For the Elves, a Fiery beast was created. Ifrit. All of the huge forests that used to make the Ancient Elves so proud, were burned down relentlessly, and all trees and land were turned into sand. Desperate, the elves created a huge seal, and many of the remaining lives were sacrificed for it. The beast was sealed in the Underground Caverns below Connous, and was wrapped up in Magic. With the beast unable to move, the Elves hid the entrance. The sacrifices started. First, a huge ammount of energy went towards Karu, so Ifrit wouldn't escape the Connous area. The trees there are all Ancient Elves that gave their lives and energy to become the seal. Then, they sealed the Entrance, in Errans Gorge, so it could never be found. A few Energy Trees were placed there to make sure the seal wouldn't break. And last, the real seal to Ifrit, the giant tree located on the Oasis. If that tree dies, then all the other seals will be useless.

Two thousand years later, Avieer was informed of the Elves behaving strangely around the desert. Him, alongside Dark, decided to investigate. Lyseru, accompanied by Izanmi and Kambii, was going to check on Avieer to see if he was doing ok, and got invited to join the investigation.
Invitation accepted, the group headed towards Connous, followed closely by Elorux. On the way, Kambii dissappeared and Elorux got lost on the Desert.
When they reached the Underground Caverns from Connous, they discovered the purpose to the place. They found out more about the seal and the Ancient Elves magic. But they also found a great source of worry...

The seal holding Ifrit back, was weakening, bit by bit. Strong Salamanders covered in fire were starting to appear on some points of the Cavern.

Ifrit is coming back, sooner than we expected. And there's nothing we can do to stop it.

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