Mabinogi Alexina RP Character Sheet Sample

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Mabinogi Alexina RP Character Sheet Sample

Post by Ronnilis on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:36 pm

Hello, this is Ronnilis. This is a sample RP Character Application. To create one copy/paste this information and make a new post.

Mabinogi Character Sheet

Character Name: (Original names only!)

Alias/Nickname: (Any other name your character can be referred to by.)

Race: (Elf, Giant, Human)

Age/Date of Birth: (Age of character and birthday.)

Apparent Age: (How old your character appears to others. Ex: You RBed to age 10, but your Age is 35 for the character.)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Height: (Use feet and inches.)

Weight: (Make it similar to your height, or match it to the BMI.)

Hair Color/Style: (What you believe your hair should look like if it wasn’t tied to Mabinogi graphics.)

Eyes: (Any color.)

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: (Does your character have any hidden tattoos, or marks?)

Physical Appearance: (How your character looks physically, such as being weak, strong, obese, etc.)

Combat Style: (What type of combat do you prefer. Ex: Are you sneaky, tactical, or rash?)

Skills: (List your main and favorite skills, preferably around 5-10 skills.)

Professions: (How you make a living in the land of Erinn. Are you a mercenary, hunter, knight, craftsman, merchant, etc?)

Special item: (What makes your character unique? Does he have a special ring, necklace, accessory?)

Clothing and Armor: (Describe what your character typically wears. )

Weapons: (Describe the weapons you use in combat, but try to limit yourself to four weapons, as the Mabinogi equipment only allows for two sets of weapons.)

Mabinogi Character Background

Likes: (What does your character enjoy? Ex: Hot springs, fighting, the sky, elves, etc.)

Dislikes: (What does your character hate? Ex: Violence, freedom, justice, birds, giants, etc.)

Positive Traits: (What makes you an asset to an individual? Ex: Natural Leader, Positive, Helpful, etc.)

Flaws: (What causes you to not be an asset to an individual? Ex: Pride, Greed, Sarcastic, etc.)

Personality: (You can use this area to further explain your likes, dislikes, traits, and flaws.)

History: (What has made you who you are today? Explain how you got those likes, flaws, traits, etc. Why do you have a certain profession, why do you carry that sword, etc. Also, use this to explain your childhood, adolescence, or at least until it gets to your age of the character.)

Image: (Optional)

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